Month: April 2021

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Financial KPI Dashboard Template

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What’s Rolling On? When is a Rolling Forecast Right for my Business?

Relying on an annual, static budgets is simply no longer enough.

To Grow or to Profit: The Rule of 40 Question

How to balance growth and profitability.

Strategic Budgeting: Are You Getting it Right?

How to use a company-wide budget to streamline spend.

How to do Cash Forecasting in a SaaS Business: The Complete Guide

Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Check out these tips to stay on top of your cash.

SAAS Revenue Growth Projection Model Template

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Quick & Current Ratios

The quick ratio gives visibility into the financial health of the organization.

Feel the Burn: A Guide to Gross Burn vs. Net Burn

Burn rates reflect how quickly an organization is “burning through” its cash.

What’s the Difference Between a Plan, a Budget, and a Forecast?

The difference between these terms is not always clear. This guide helps set the record straight.

Cube + Labelium

Learn how Labelium used Cube to build real-time reporting across their global teams.